What is Opplafy?

Opplafy provides the necessary open technologies for developing smart solutions leveraging the Internet of Things and Open Data.

By using Opplafy, your smart environment becomes an enabler of a right-time open data Marketplace, where right-time and historical information from inside your domain can be merged together with data from external data providers, which can then be monetized, enabling thus the Economy of Data.

The Opplafy platform

The Opplafy platform leverages open technologies to create Context-aware applications.

It has, at its core, the Smart Data, Elastic Context Data Management and Data Acquisition layers. The Data Acquisition Layer connects to the IoT, gathers data from your sensors and actuates upon them, regardless the subjacent IoT technology you use. This data will flow to the Elastic Context Data Management Layer, which represents the heart of the platform. It holds and manages the current picture of your smart environment: the context information. This data will be then able to be consumed using a standardized NGSIv2 API, turning your smart environment (smart city, smart industry, smart retail, smart agrifood, ...) on a provider of right-time data that can be exploited by your solution, leveraging the CEP, Big Data, BI, Mashup and Maps modules offered in the Smart Data Layer.

The platform also offers API and Identity Management and Access Control features, as well as our three Opplafy frontend portals to deal with the context information: Marketplace, DataPortal and Dashboard.

Main features

DataBIZ Portal

Start developing the Economy of Data using our fully-fledged Data Market for trading digital assets with right-time capabilities. Some of its functionalities include the creation of offerings with different payment models, and a Revenue Share System.

Enhanced Open Data Portal

Share your open datasets with our Open Data Portal. Data is retrieved live from the Context-aware layer, not stored in the portal and thus duplicated. Try out its advanced data previsualization powered by DataVIZ.

DataVIZ Portal

Create dashboards in minutes to monitor your IoT sensors or set action panels to actuate upon your devices. You can use lots of data visualization widgets that are already available, or create your own ones using Web technologies if you need so.

Context Data Storage

Need for having historical sensor data? No problem. With Opplafy you can store context data in different SQL and NoSQL Databases. Thinking in Big data? You can also store your data in HDFS to be later processed with Hadoop.

Security & Users Management

Create and manage your organizations and their users. You can easily create roles, policies, and permissions. Manage Authentication and Authorization.

IoT & Services Data Harvesters

Get bidirectional communication with sensors and services, no matter what technology or protocol. We have Lora, and Sigfox harvesters, but also HTTP or SOAP ones.

Context Information Brokerage

Take a photo of your whole IoT environment and get always up-to-date context data. Our elastic module will allow you to get subscribed to context entities and get notified when some of their data attributes change. This module has an OMA NGSI compliant and secured REST API. It uses harmonized data to enable data portability for different applications.

Context-aware CEP

A fully NGSI compliant event processing system, ready to deal with changes on your context data, generate alarms, actuate upon your services (using different protocols, such us HTTP, SMS, or even Twitter)

Want to see it in action?

If you want to take a glance at Opplafy, we have deployed an instance for you to try it.

Do you want to request a demo? Send us an to: contactficodes.com